How TEAM works



During a 1 time minting period, anyone can mint 1 TEAM per 1 MAXI contributed to the TEAM contract. After the mint period, a copy of all TEAM is sent to the mystery box and no more TEAM can ever be created.



TEAM holders can stake their TEAM for the 1 year stake period to earn rewards from the success of Maximus stake pools and from the 369 MAXI Rebate.



When the stake period ends, TEAM stakers that remained staked for the entire stake period can claim their rewards from that period at anytime.

Simple Staking Rules

Stake TEAM for an entire 1-year stake period to earn rewards from that period.

If you unstake early, there is a 3.69% penalty on your TEAM and you don’t earn rewards for that period.

When a stake period ends, all whitelisted tokens that were sent to the TEAM contract during that period are claimable by TEAM stakers.

TEAM Staking Rewards

Maximus DAO products are secure smart contracts built to stand the test of time.

The Perpetuals

The Perpetuals share half of the HEX earned from the BPB Bonus and all of the Hedron with TEAM stakers.

MAXI 369 Rebate

30% of the MAXI used to mint TEAM is rewarded back to TEAM stakers in years 3, 6, and 9.

No Expectations

Maximus DAO members are encouraged to organize new income streams such as airdrops or future products that deliver rewards to TEAM stakers.