How they work



When the Perpetuals launch, mint 1 pool token per 1 HEX contributed to whichever pool you choose to join. After the 21 day mint phase ends, all the HEX in each pool is staked for the designated length.



Every day during the stakes each pool earns HEX staker rewards, increasing the amount of HEX redeemable per pool token. Pool token holders may simply hold their pool tokens, trade their coins on the market, or pursue other opportunities such as being a liquidity provider.



When each stake ends, there is a 7-day Reload Phase where HEX can be redeemed by burning the pool token through the contract, or new HEX can be contributed to the pool. Then the next stake starts and this cycle repeats FOREVER.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I care about these?

Perpetual Pools increase yield and decrease gas fees. By bundling many stakers into a single stake, we prevent billions of dollars from being extracted from the HEX economy over the next 100 years by reducing gas fees paid to miners and validators.

Is restaking automatic or manual?

The Perpetuals enable you to auto restake your HEX. When a stake ends, if you simply hold your pool tokens, your HEX will stay in the pool to be staked for another stake term.

What is the difference between this and HEX?

Perpetual Pool tokens are fully backed and redeemable for HEX. Minting Perpetual Pool tokens with HEX is an alternative to staking solo that anyone may do to earn more yield, save on gas fees, and have access to early liquidity.

What happens when the stake ends?

Upon end stake, the new Redemption Rate is set (pool contract HEX balance divided by pool token supply), then a Reload Phase begins where existing Pool members can redeem their HEX or stay in the pool and new members can join by pledging HEX - all at the new redemption rate.

What happens if I don't redeem during the Reload Phase?

If you don't redeem your portion of the HEX, it simply gets rolled forward into the next stake. This is called auto-compounding. You can sell your pool tokens any time or wait until the next reload phase to redeem the HEX.

How and where do I stake TEAM?

There will be a stake management interface on the Maximus website. If you don’t trust this or if it disappears, simply manage the stake on Etherscan directly or roll out your own frontend. Maximus is true DeFi so you don’t need to use the provided frontends.

Who pays for the gas?

Anyone can pay for the gas to end stake on behalf of the pool. No individual is responsible for it, so whomever is motivated enough to do it will. Community members have signaled intent to reimburse the person who pays to end stake, but no one is required to.