Build your empire for generations to come

High-growth, income producing crypto assets to secure your legacy forever.

Join the TEAM

Maximus TEAM is the member token of Maximus DAO. Mint and stake $TEAM to earn rewards from the success of Maximus.

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Maximum yield, instant liquidity and gas fee savings.

Maximus stake pools are the best way to stake HEX, giving you the yield of a whale and the freedom of holding liquid HEX.

New stake pools launching september 5th

Earn infinity yield

The Perpetuals are HEX stake pools of different lengths that perpetually roll forward and compound yield forever.

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Maximus smart contracts

Future proof your portfolio

Maximus DAO products are secure smart contracts built to stand the test of time.

No Admin Keys

No one can steal your funds or block you from using the contracts. Your keys, your coins. All contract operations may be run by anyone per the rules that are hard-coded into the contract.

Immutable Smart Contracts

Maximus smart contracts are launched as fully complete products and can't be changed or shut off. If the Maximus sites go offline you can still interact with the contract directly on the blockchain.

Audited Code

All Maximus smart contracts are audited by independent firms to test vulnerabilities and to enhance security. The contracts were made to be so simple that the average non-technical user could read them and prove to themselves that they do what they are supposed to do.